Injury Recovery Tip 4: Strength Training

Tip 4: Strength Training

At the beginning of my injury journey, knowing that I couldn’t run, I knew that I needed to do something to maintain my fitness. I spent about an hour everyday doing strength exercises. With the tendonitis, I did have to adjust various exercises, such as avoiding excessively bending and straightening my knees in activities such as bicycle crunches, but other than that, I could continue working on my abs, glutes, and upper body strength.

My physio had told me that my knee injuries had occurred due to weak glutes and hamstrings, so I knew that I had to focus on this specific body part. Calf raises, and single leg exercises sometimes hurt my knee, so I researched videos where I would rarely be on my feet.

The Strength Videos that I followed: I have chosen a range of exercises which range from easy to more difficult.


  1. Level: Difficult –
  2. Level: Medium –


  1. Level: Difficult –
  2. Level: Difficult –

Upper Body:

  1. Level: Difficult –

Overall Body Strength and Stability:

  1. Level: Easy/Medium –

After a lot of trial and error with certain videos, I found that these were my favourites. I would rotate days between doing arms and abs one day, and then glutes the next day for five days a week. After I returned to running, I noticed how strong and stable my upper body and glutes felt. I am most definitely going to be dedicating more time in my everyday schedule for strength sessions. However, I do not recommend doing strength training, a difficult running session, and walking all on the same day, because this usually results in injury or pain for me. 

At the end of my injury process, I found out that squatting and planking hurt my knees the most, so I avoided those. I also discovered a new trick for how to plank when injured. Instead of using my feet to support me in plank, I would place the foam roller under my knees. This meant that I had to use my core to steady my body; it was perfect for targeting both the core and the biceps!

These were the videos that worked best for me, but feel free to choose and try out your favourite videos too! Make sure that you do not attempt any exercises which hurt your injured area. I know it is so so tempting, but you are just pushing back the time until you can run again!

Lots of love,

Florence 😉

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