Injury Recovery Tip 5: Bathing, Icing and Products

Tip 5: Bathing, Icing and Products


So, the second advice that my physio recommended was to take a bath to ease my leg. For the first week of my ITB injury, I was so focused on rolling and strength training that I forgot to have a bath, but once I did, I felt the benefits of it almost immediately. Disclaimer: If you do not have a bath, you can heat up a hot water bottle and place it on your leg, or have a warm shower instead!


Aside from making me feel so so relaxed and sleepy, it also loosened up my leg and opened up my pores. The next part of the recovery process is so important! Straight after my bath I would apply a product called ‘Tiger Balm’. It is an ointment for sore muscles, but it really helped to target the ligaments and tendons that were especially painful for me. Once I applied it, after my bath, it absolutely burned, so don’t feel surprised if you leg feels like it is on fire!!! It also smells very very strong so I would always put my knee support on afterwards so the entire room didn’t smell! You can purchase the ‘Tiger Balm’ here:

Another product which I highly recommend for past injuries is ‘Fisiocrem’. It is an ointment which I always apply before my trainings on small niggles, or past injuries. It was an absolute life-saver for me with a past ankle injury of mine, and allowed me to run pain-free!

The next step after having a bath and applying Tiger Balm is to roll and stretch, following the Adidas rolling video and 7 knee stretches linked in the ‘Tip 3’ blog. (Sometimes, I would roll first and then bathe and it still worked for me, but I would recommend doing it the other way around!) Make sure you leave about 30 minutes to do this and also make sure you play some music to lighten up the mood because the rolling sessions for me were not very fun; they hurt way too much! I will be posting a workout/rolling/stretching music playlist on a future blog so you can play it during your sessions, or shuffle your own songs!

Straight after rolling, I would usually have dinner, but I would recommend icing straight afterwards if you have the time. I actually found it more enjoyable and more convenient to ice whilst watching the tv, so I would ice every night for around 15-20 minutes, or however long I felt was necessary. 

Bathing turned into my new favourite way to calm down my body and loosen up any tight joints. It was also a sort of meditation for me, as it was the only time when I would be completely alone with my thoughts. It is something I definitely recommend trying for a bit of self-care!

Lots of love,

Florence 😉

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