Very Very Exciting Announcement!!! – Future Colleges?

Hi Runners! So, you are probably wondering what I mean by today’s title. This is not clickbait, today’s announcement is VERY VERY exciting!

Are you ready? 3,2,1…

I have joined an American college scholarship agency!!! They are going to be helping me over the next two years to gain an academic and athletic scholarship to a college in the USA. The agency is called ‘College Sports America’, and I am so so excited to start working with them towards my goals.

Now, along with my A-level study and my usual training, I will also be studying for the SAT and ACT, which are the exams required to be eligible for an American college.

I contacted CSA on Instagram about a month ago to ask about how the college process works and they replied the next day asking to phone me about the details. They advised me to start the process as soon as possible to be able to start SAT preparation and send my profile off to college coaches. It’s crazy how quickly plans change and new opportunities arise!


I am mainly focused on Division 1 Colleges, but this means that I need to lower my 800m time to around 2:10 and my 1500m time to 4:30. Lately, I have been lacking a bit of motivation as it has been quite difficult building my fitness from the bottom again, but this has inspired me as I now have new goals and aims.

If you want to know more about recruiting times:

I have started researching my top five colleges, but these could completely change over the next few years as I will hopefully be contacted by different colleges as my times decrease. I will also have the chance to visit college campuses. I could prefer the atmosphere of one college to the other, or I could favour the coaching style and team values of another college. It will all depend on how I progress over the next two years.

I started the process a few days ago, and I am now focused on building my profile which will then be sent off to American coaches. Regarding SAT’s, I will hopefully be taking the exam in either December or March, depending on how I am finding the course. I will be studying on Khan academy around three times a week, fitting the learning into my training and A-levels timetable.

I am beyond excited for the next two years, and I cannot wait to see where my academics and running times progress. Races might be postponed till next year, but training does not stop. I will be so ready to lower my times and achieve PB’s in 2021!

Lots of love,

Florence 😉

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