My Struggle With Tempo Runs and Getting ‘Comfortable with being Uncomfortable’

Hi Runners! Welcome back to another blog. I can’t believe it is already the middle of August and I only start school in three weeks! So far, the school has agreed that we are going to start back face-to-face, but we will see what happens over the next couple of weeks. The school will be following all of the social-distancing rules so it will be very different to last year, but at least they are keeping everyone safe.

So, today’s blog is mainly focused on tempo runs and the difficulty I have been experiencing whilst re-building my fitness. It has been so so hard and every session feels like my lungs are going to explode and my legs are going to give way. It has also taken my body and my mind a while to come to terms with getting “comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

I had my first two trainings with my new club at the track and at a local area where there are a lot of grassy dunes for hill training, and they were a lot harder than I anticipated. I think I presumed that I my fitness was a lot better than I thought it was, and it has been very challenging trying to keep up with the other athletes. It also feels a little confidence crushing when everyone is lapping you.

However, I have seen a lot of improvement in only one week. It is certainly all about consistently training hard and ensuring that you recover correctly by incorporating rest days and recovery runs into your schedule. I have now swapped out a few strength and conditioning sessions for recovery runs, as I now have the fitness to be able to run the day after a hard training.

My coach is completely focused on endurance for the next six months and tempo runs have become a very prominent part of my training. I had never really focused on tempos before, and I have been finding them so much more difficult than I expected. Keeping up a comfortably hard pace for 5/6 miles is so hard, especially with all of the hills where I live!

I think the hardest part about tempos is the mental aspect, knowing that you need to maintain the pace for so long. I am hoping that the tempos will start getting easier because they are absolutely brutal!

Although I do post a lot about the positive side of the sport and all of the successes, it is nice to know that nobody is perfect and that some days are going to be a lot harder than others. It is all about consistently training hard, so get out tomorrow and crush the next workout. If you need rest, take it though, listen and trust your body to tell you what it needs.

I have a 5K time trial on Monday which will certainly test my body. At least I will be able to compare my current fitness to my fitness in a couple of months and this will really boost my confidence for races.

“No pain, no gain. Embrace the difficulty, the excruciating pain because it is making you a better runner. You would rather experience pain, than lose, wouldn’t you?”

Lots of love,


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