Olympic Courses and Certificates!

Hi Runners! Welcome back to Runner Diaries!!! Today’s blog is all about learning a little bit more about our sport and here’s how you can do it:

A few months ago, my teacher introduced me to the Olympic channel: https://www.olympic.org/athlete365/ where there are around twenty courses that you can follow for free to learn about every possible aspect of your sport. All you have to do is sign up with your email and then choose your desired sport. Mine is obviously athletics, but they also have every sport that is celebrated at the Olympic Games.

Once you have logged in, click the courses tab and you can scroll through the entire list of courses. They also do them in different languages which is incredibly useful!

The first course I completed was the ‘Sport’s Psychology’ one. It took me about two hours to complete, but the website saves your progress so you can come back the next day to finish the course.

It was such an interesting experience and I learnt about a lot of new visualisation tricks and tips to practise during trainings for before my races. And… at the end of each course you receive a certificate from the Olympic Channel which you can print out and frame, or you can put it on your CV if you fancy!

It is a really great opportunity to continue learning so much more about our sport, and they have so many more courses from nutrition to sports coaching. Try one out and see how much you learn!

Hope everyone’s training is going as planned. Keep it up!

Lots of love,


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