A Little Bit About Me!

Hi Runners!

Here is a little bit about me:

-My name is Florence Sargent.

-I’m 16 years old.

-I was originally born in England, but I have also lived in Dubai and Spain.

-My aspiration for this year is to reach the podium at nationals and achieve 2:09 in the 800m, 57 in the 400m, and 4:40 in the 1500m.

-My current PB’s are: 2:17 in the 800m and 60 in the 400m.

I am so so grateful to be able to blog my experiences and share what I have learned from training and competing so far. I understand that I am not a professional, but that is the beauty of progress. This is simply a way for me to track my journey and see how far I have come.

Keep training consistently, spread positivity and embrace the process!!!

My social media sites:

Instagram: @runner.diaries – I post my daily trainings, meals, daily life & book recommendations!


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