Injury Recovery Tip 4: Strength Training

Tip 4: Strength Training At the beginning of my injury journey, knowing that I couldn’t run, I knew that I needed to do something to maintain my fitness. I spent about an hour everyday doing strength exercises. With the tendonitis, I did have to adjust various exercises, such as avoiding excessively bending and straightening myContinue reading “Injury Recovery Tip 4: Strength Training”

Injury Recovery Tip 1: Mindset Improvement, Motivation and Reading

Hi Runners! So, after hopefully reading the backstory to my knee injuries, I will be telling you the top tips I have learnt in recovering from an injury and making the most of your time to fully repair your body both physically and mentally. You do not have to have an injury to follow aContinue reading “Injury Recovery Tip 1: Mindset Improvement, Motivation and Reading”

Injured Athlete Life Update and Recovery

Hi Runners, Welcome back! I just wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support I received on my previous blog. I was so humbled to be able to talk about my past experiences with different athletes, and I was so grateful for all the incredibly kind messages I received.  So, the blog, as you haveContinue reading “Injured Athlete Life Update and Recovery”

My Running Journey So Far: Part 1, 2004 – 2012

Hi, welcome to the Runner Diaries, a blog focused on documenting my running journey to share my experiences with the sport and hopefully inspire you along the way. Running is something that truly interests me and I love to see how other people became inspired to run and race; was it because they were scoutedContinue reading “My Running Journey So Far: Part 1, 2004 – 2012”

My Running Journey So Far: Part 2, 2013-2018

Hi Runners! Part 2 of my Running Journey is here. Enjoy! …However, I knew that cross-country was my strength. I had come 3rd the year before and I knew that I was stronger than ever in Year 5. I had spent weeks preparing with my dad, running in circles around the lake and I feltContinue reading “My Running Journey So Far: Part 2, 2013-2018”

My Running Journey So Far: Part 3 (Finale), 2018 – Present

Part 3, The Finale. Some of my most incredible experiences occurred over the past two years, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Running is such a simple, yet incredibly mind-blowing sport. The body and mind are tested to their limits, and many athletes achieve times that they never believed was possible.Continue reading “My Running Journey So Far: Part 3 (Finale), 2018 – Present”